The best bookmakers compared Part 2

Bet365 as a betting provider could be found easily on the streets with their many betting offices. However, this betting provider is also on Internet and their site is on the rise. Right now it is considered as one of the most popular and best in the world. For the biggest leagues and championships they offer quite good odds, but they sink about unknown games quickly. Nonetheless, it should be mentioned that Bet365 as a bookmaker is involved in every football league worldwide which means than none of the fans of the small clubs is being neglected.

Another positive note is the fact that with Bet365 all deposits and withdrawals can be made always free of charge and without any transaction fee.

Who takes the betting seriously and want to take it professionally could find is right place at Bet365. Unlike rival Bet at Home it is more about quality than about quantity, which manifests itself in the fact that the betting offer is relatively limited.

In their betting coupons, however, numerous football leagues are available. For Bet365 offers the highest rates, which can be found in the industry, making it one of the most popular betting company on the market.

When we talk about Bet at home what could possibly quenching be in comparison to other providers are the rather high withdrawal fees. Another issue is the customer contact as the fact is that it is done only via e-mail. However, they manage to respond after an incredible 15 minutes.

As one of the veterans of betting on internet, Bet at home, which is found in 1997 is recommended. Although the odds with this provider are often not very high, but are usually very stable and favorites games can certainly achieve high rates. Furthermore, there is a huge betting starting offer and also the exceptionally competent and friendly customer support is particularly noteworthy.

The best bookmakers compared

If you try to find the best betting providers you would most probably be spoiled by the large selection you have to choose from. It will help you first to look and learn if they are reputable and meet the personal requirements of the players or not, before signing in. Here we are going to have a look on our two favorites Bet365 and Bet at Home.

Arguably one of the best bookmaker worldwide is Bet365. With this bookmaker you can find odds which certainly wold impress you. With a payout ratio of almost 94% of these providers is definitely high up on top. In favor of Bet365 speak also their many live betting options and the live streams they offer to their clients. Also they are quite good in the varied betting offers they have – especially in football a player could bet in almost every league around the world, no matter how small is it, it is offered. Also bet365 customer service can not be faulted, via live chat, email and phone support is almost 24/7.

For beginners and those who bet primarily from entertainment reasons, Bet at Home, probably is the most famous and largest bookmaker in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This bookmaker is the correct starting point for you. Bet at Home impresses with its enormous big betting offer, it seems almost impossible not to find something to bet on and also the odds that were mediocre to some time ago, are now perfectly acceptable. Not a long time, they could be compared even with Bet365. Bet at Home is also popular with theirs many existing live streams.

However, one criticism is the customer service, which is described from time to time as deficient.

Augsburg – Leverkusen: the best tips for the match

Bayer Leverkusen currently for is simply not enough for making a good season. Their home form was boomed by the unfortunate 2:3 defeat to Hoffenheim. Now, they have a difficult task as Leverkusen will play a guest on Wednesday evening at the surprise team of Augsburg. Is it good to bet at Bet365 on this match?

Augsburg welcomes Leverkusen

Betting at Bet365 with the match where the eight in the current standings Augsburg meets the fourth – Leverkusen. The gap between both teams is just five points. Who would have thought that this could happen before the season starts? Augsburg has a magnificent season so far. In the duel with Bayer Leverkusen, however, the home team is threatening the third winless match in a row. The situation with Leverkusen, however, is far worse – for the last five games they haven’t managed to win even one victory. Four times they lost and they made one draw. Bayer is now even slipped to the fourth place – they are already seven points behind Borussia Dortmund which holds the 2nd place, according to Bet365.

Bet365: Odds and bets

The bookmaker Bet365 gives odds for the home team Augsburg of 2.40. For the guests from Leverkusen, however, a ratio of 2.75 is offered. For the draw there is odds of 3.40. Bet365 offers for this interesting duel more than 100 different bets. The best tip in our opinion: it is X2! This means that Leverkusen has to win or take a point from Augsburg. Even if the form speaks against Leverkusen – sometime the class should do the job. Augsburg plays at their limit for too long time. At Bet365 the Double chance(X2) is available at odds of 1.50. For a bet of 10 Euro there would be payout rate of 15 Euro for a correct prediction.

As an alternative bet you can try: Draw – no bet. Here the odds for Leverkusen are 1.95. What does this mean? If the game should end in a draw, there would be a refund of the wager. If, however, Leverkusen wins in Augsburg, you would get in return you bet with rate of 1.95. FYI: Augsburg is favored in this special bet at odds of 1.70.